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Don’t let the symptoms of PSORIASIS, ECZEMA, DERMATITIS related skin problems such as dry, itchy and scaly patches on your body spoil the quality of your life.
ZORIDERM™ Cream and Spray will help you to restore the integrity of your skin to its natural texture, color and pigmentation. These powerful natural herbal products:

  • Are developed after years of research
  • Provide genuine healing and are clinically tested with excellent results
  • Provide rapid relief from distress while your skin is healing
  • Do not contain steroids/Cortisone
  • Are gentle to your skin
Zoridrem Spray
Zoriderm Cream

ZORIDERM™ Cream and Spray represent years of scientific work by the research team at Weston Biopharma Pvt. Ltd., culminating in their approval as herbal preparations for the Treatment & Management of dermatological problems, by FDA’s equivalent in India “The Drugs Controller, ISM and Licensing Authority, Government of Kerala, India”, under License No.02/25E/2012 dated May 5, 2012.


Zoridrem Spray

Zoridrem Spray

Zoriderm Product..


Zoriderm Cream

Zoriderm Cream

Zoriderm Product..


Who We Are

WESTON BIOPHARMA PVT. Ltd is an Indian pharmaceutical company founded with the mission to improve people's health and quality of life with novel
Ayurvedic Herbal preparations

Our first line of products ZORIDERM™ Cream and Spray, developed after several years of research, are for the treatment of Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis. The product has been approved as a herbal preparation for the Treatment, Easement and Management of dermatological problems, by FDA equivalent in India ("The Drugs Controller ISM and Licensing Authority", Government of Kerala, India) for production and sale (License No.02/25E/2012)

ZORIDERM™ is for 'External Application Only'. In Clinical studies of patients with plaque psoriasis it was found to be safe and well tolerated with no local or systemic side effects. Decrease in severity of skin problems and significant resolution of the affected area was noticed between six to sixteen weeks after application of ZORIDERM™ (see Clinical Studies)



ZORIDERM™ is available in two forms

  • ZORIDERM™ Cream
  • ZORIDERM™ Spray

These are very safe and effective non-prescription Ayurvedic Herbal Products specially formulated for the Treatment and Management of dry, scaly, inflamed, itchy and irritated skin caused by Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and other related problems.

ZORIDERM™ contains herbal components which are extracted and formulated using unique and proprietary technology.

On application, ZORIDERM™ (External Application Only) is quickly absorbed by the skin and changes occur at the cellular level resulting in quick relief and initiating the healing process. It inhibits Keratinocyte hyper-proliferation & cornified envelope formation and acts as an anti-inflammatory in treated plaques.

Diminishing trend in itching, scaling & irritation would be noticed within 48 hours of initial application. The healing process starts gradually with decreased level of scaly skins and indurations by 6 to 8 weeks. Softer and smoother normal skin will start to appear thereafter. As the application continues the signs of Psoriasis and other skin conditions diminishes. The skin may be slightly dark as the healing process progress. However over a period of 20 to 24 weeks, the skin will regain its natural color and texture close to the original state.

The patients can achieve the desired results by systematic, regular and continuous application of ZORIDERM™ as directed.

ZORIDERM™ Spray,is mainly used on the scalp and other hard to reach areas.


ZORIDERM™ - CREAM / SPRAY (For Topical Application only)
Indications: ZORIDERM™ is indicated for the effective treatment and management of Psoriasis, Eczema and related skin problems and conditions.
Ingredients: The Active Ingredients are Weston Biopharma’s Proprietary Ayurvedic herbal extracts of Wrightia tinctoria leaf 1.5% & Glycyrrhiza Glabra root 1.5% (Glycyrrhizate). (Stabilizers and Vehicles q.s).
Presentation: The product is presently available as:
1) Cream: 50 gm. & 100 gm. Jars
2) Spray: 50 ml and 100 ml Bottles.

Shelf Life: 2 years from date of Manufacture. Store at room temperature (<25oC) away from Sunlight and Heat. Once opened use within 8 weeks.
Recommended treatment period: 4 to 16 weeks or until the desired results are obtained.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: (Read the Directions Carefully for maximum Efficacy and Results)

  1. Clean the affected areas with water. It is advisable to use the product after a bath.
  2. When the skin is dry apply a thin layer of the Cream with the finger tips on the affected areas and around twice a day. In the case of Spray, shake the bottle well and spray on the affected parts a uniform layer of the content, keeping the nozzle 6 to 8 cm away similarly. Wash your hands with water after application.
  3. Allow the medication to dry for 10 minutes before wearing clothes over the application areas. Avoid direct sun light exposure for an hour after application.
  4. Repeat application twice a day in the morning and evening without fail.
  5. In moderate cases application may be discontinued after the recommended period if the problems are resolved. In Chronic cases, with high severity index and long history, the application shall be continued until the skin is healed and desired results are achieved.
  6. In case fresh or different areas in the body develop problems, such as irritation, itching and scaling, start the application immediately to the areas.
  7. If there are any blisters or raw red skin visible in the affected areas start application with only the ZORIDERM(TM) Cream, twice or thrice a day, until the blisters are healed.


  1. The product is for External Application only and should not be applied in the eyes, eye lids, mouth and inside genital areas.
  2. Use of ZORIDERM™ by pregnant or lactating women and children below 3 years is not advised. No clinical study has been done on these groups.
  3. No allergic or adverse reactions are reported during the clinical trials and treatment of ZORIDERM™. If any allergic reactions are noticed discontinue application and wash the area with warm water.
  4. The skin of the affected areas may become darker when the healing process starts and takes effect. The skin will regain its natural texture and color within a few months.
  5. Change of climate, seasonal variations, certain infections and emotional stress are known to trigger flare-up and severity of Psoriasis and Eczema. Patients are advised not to confuse this as allergy to ZORIDERM™. In such cases the application may be increased to 3 times a day for faster relief. If problems persist seek medical intervention.
  6. ZORIDERM™can be used along with Phototherapy. Avoid combination treatment with other creams or lotions.*
  7. *IMPORTANT. Patients currently using Steroids/Cortisone products for management of Psoriasis/Eczema shall continue its application along with Zoriderm for some time more depending on the severity. Taper off the Steroids/Cortisone over a period of time as directed by the Physician. Thereafter continue only with ZORIDERM.
  8. The effectiveness and success of ZORIDERM™depends on the systematic, regular and continuous application as directed. Continue application until the desired results are achieved.

Clinical studies

Randomised controlled clinical study to assess the effectiveness of Zoriderm Cream and Zoriderm Spray on Plaque Psoriasis

Weston Biopharma (P) Ltd., Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

The objective of the study was to assess the effectiveness of Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine (TAM) based Zoriderm Cream and Zoriderm Spray on reducing Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) score in Plaque Psoriasis by comparison to an active comparator used to treat the condition via external application by TAM practitioners.

Trial design

Open Label, Randomized, parallel, clinical trial with active concurrent control.


Patients of both sexes aged 20-60 with plaque psoriasis and PASI score ranging between 30 and 50 excluding patients with psoriatic arthritis and any other systemic illness.
Qualifying participants were randomized into three groups. Two study groups and one comparator control group.


Group I received Zoriderm Cream and Zoriderm Spray as external application and advised to administer the drugs two times a day after bath.
Group II received Zoriderm Cream alone twice daily after bath.
Group III received an established external application Vitpalakeram (Writia Tintora Oil) as external application twice daily after bath. The treatments in all the group lasted for sixteen weeks.


The outcome measure was change in PASI score from baseline after 16 weeks of therapy. The patients were also evaluated for the progress on therapy in 8th week. Statistical comparisons were done for PASI score before and after treatment only.

Sample size

Sample size was 66, with 22 each in Group I, Group II and Group III by using block randomization.


Open label.

Statistical Methods

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).

Comparison of PASI score Before Treatment between groups was not significant ( p>0.05)

Group N Mean SD F P value
I 22 41.55 5.951 0.004     0.996    
II 22 41.55 5.798
III 22 41.68 5.987
Total 66 41.59 5.821

Comparison of PASI score After Treatment between groups showed significant differences between groups (p< 0.05)

Group N Mean SD F P value
I 22 11.54 1.736 441.220     <0.001    
II 22 17.02 1.480
III 22 25.53 1.492
Total 66 18.03 6.002

Comparison of Change in PASI score After treatment between groups showed significant differences amongst groups, with Group I having significantly higher improvement in symptom score than the other two groups

Group N Mean SD F P value
I 22 29.99 4.38 53.646     <0.001    
II 22 24.53 4.41
III 22 16.14 4.62
Total 66 23.55 7.23

Group I has significantly higher improvement in Symptom Score than the other two groups

Change in pattern of PASI score in Groups I, II and III on 0, 8th and 16th weeks


0 week 8 weeks 16 weeks

Group I

41.55 27.16 11.54

Group II

41.55 32.57 17.02

Group III

41.68 34.24 25.53


  • The combined effectiveness of Zoridern Cream and Zoriderm Spray on reducing PASI score in Plaque Psoriasis was significantly higher than the comparator Ayurvedic control preparation.
  • The combined use of Zoriderm Cream and Zoriderm Spray produced a 3.6 fold decrease in PASI score, 2.25 times as much as the comparator Ayurvedic control preparation.


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  1. How do I know that ZORIDERM™ is the right product for me? If you have skin related problems such as itchy, scaly, flakey patches on your body in a chronic fashion and if you are fed up with other products promising wonder cure, then use ZORIDERM™. YOU WILL BELIEVE IN IT. IT SIMPLY WORKS.
  2. What is ZORIDERM™ ? ZORIDERM™ is a clinically tested Herbal Cream and Spray for the Treatment and Management of skin conditions developed due to Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and other skin conditions.
  3. Is ZORIDERM™ an approved and licensed product? YES. ZORIDERM™ Herbal Cream and Spray are clinically tested and evaluated for the Treatment and Management of skin conditions developed due to Psoriasis and approved by the Drugs Controller, ISM and Licensing Authority, Government of Kerala, India (FDA equivalent in India), for production and marketing (License No.02/25E/2012 dated May 5, 2012).
  4. Does ZORIDERM™ contain Steroids or Cortisone? No. ZORIDERM™ does not contain any Steroids or Cortisone.
  5. Is ZORIDERM™ tested clinically? ZORIDERM™ Herbal Cream and Spay were clinically tested for efficacy and safety and evaluated for the Treatment and Management of skin conditions developed due to Psoriasis with excellent results.
  6. What is the composition of ZORIDERM™ Cream or Spray? ZORIDERM™ Cream contains the Active Ingredients (1) Wrightia Tinctoria leaf extract and (2) Glycyrrhiza root extract in propanol, with base cream (containing Emulsifying wax, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Grape fruit oil, Rice bran oil, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium Chloride, Acetic Acid, etc. with Water).

    ZORIDERM™ Spray contains the Active Ingredients (1) Wrightia Tinctoria leaf extract and (2) Glycyrrhiza root extract, with Propanol, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium Chloride, Acetic Acid, Glycerin and Water.
  7. What is the shelf life of ZORIDERM™ ? It has a shelf life of two years if stored in ideal conditions.
  8. Is ZORIDERM™ safe for children, Pregnant or breast feeding women?We do not advice children under the age of 3 years and pregnant or breast feeding women to use this product. No clinical studies have been conducted on these groups. Consult with your doctor for advice.
  9. Does ZORIDERM™ contain any Fragrance?No. ZORIDERM™ does not contain any Fragrance.
  10. What is the shipping cost?Please see the Shipping & Returns Policy.
  11. Do you ship worldwide?Yes. we ship the products worldwide.
  12. Is there any Sales or other duties associated with this shipment? Yes.Taxes and duties as applicable at the point of sale are included in the price. However any duties /taxes as applicable at the point of delivery shall be to the account of the customer/buyer.
  13. Are my personnel information secure?Yes. Your personal information is safe as we operate through highly secure transaction agencies like Paypal, Google Checkout etc
  14. What is your money back guarantee?Please see the Shipping & Returns Policy.

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